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Specific applications development

There are several ways to display the color data of a color image. One option consists in using 3D Visualization to view color data in arbitrary orientation. The interest of using 3D Visualization is to display color information in different color spaces and different color representations.

This web site has been designed to provide color visualization and analysis tools.
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21/01/2006 : Since three year now I am working on display characterization, may be it is time to show some gamuts. In order to display the 3D representation of these gamuts you have to install CDV.

Display Device
CRT - Diamond Plus 93SB
. . .
LCD - CristalView
. . .
LCD Projector - Epson
. . .
. . .

If your are interested in display characterization and color gamut you can send me an email.

20/01/2006 : Version 0.70 of ColorSpace Data Viewer (CDV) is available to download.

ColorSpace Data Viewer provides a scripting language based on OpenGL allowing users to realize complex 3D data visualization. CDV is now a part of ColorSpace distribution but the documentation of this software is available at the following address: CDVWiki

20/01/2006 : Version 1.1.1 of ColorSpace and RGB Cube are available to download.
There are no new features in this release.

22/02/2005 : Version 1.1 of ColorSpace and RGB Cube are available to download.

07/10/2004 : Version 1.06 of ColorSpace and RGB Cube are available to download.

07/07/2004 : Version 1.05 of ColorSpace and RGB Cube are available to download.

03/06/2004 : Version 1.0 of ColorSpace and RGB Cube are available to download.

The documentation is up-to-date.

03/03/2004 : ColorSpace 1.0 RC3 and RGBCube 1.0RC1

11/13/2003 : ColorSpace 1.0 RC2

In order to test efficiently ColorSpace go to this web page: ICobra

10/03/2003 : Other Tools menu added: If you want to know all colorspace modules and the different softwares which are not included in the colorspace distribution go to this page.

09/24/2003 : ColorSpace 1.0 RC1

06/10/2003 : ColorSpace 0.98 and RGBCube 0.98

03/25/2003 : If you have any questions or comments about ICobra or ColorSpace use our new forum.

02/24/2003 : ColorSpace 0.95, RGBCube 0.95 and a new web site !

This new version integrates CSI (Color Space Interface) a multi-purpose file format used to describe ColorSpace states, color calibration information, color charts...

11/18/2002 : ColorSpace 0.92 and RGBCube 0.92

If you find a bug send me an email.
If you think that my English is too bad, correct my text and send me an email.